Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Festival update and stuff

Apologies for the long absence - I meant this blog to be about setting up the festival and promoting it, but it didn't really happen that way. However, hopefully they'll be more of that this year, assuming we get another film festival off the ground. I'll keep you posted on all that.

In the mean time I intend to post film reviews a little more regularly than I have done, so hope you enjoy those and are inspired to track down the films I review, if they sound appealing to you.

I'll be posting reviews of anything that could potentially end up in a PhantasmaGoria film festival, plus a few that might not. But mainly this will consist of reviews of horror, fantasy, sci-fi, exploitation, martial arts and action films, although I'll probably direct you to my friend's blog (the Cool Target Action Movie blog) for the latter two categories, since he does such a good job with those and is a hell of a lot more regular than I am!

Until next time enjoy a couple more reviews of films I've seen recently.